Avoid Stale Fuel

The gas you buy at gas stations has ethanol in it. It’s only good for 3-6 months and will go stale in storage. This leads to carburetor problems that cause difficulty starting. Here are three tips to avoid stale fuel problems:

  1. Avoid Ethanol Fuels – Check the pump before you fill up – most gas stations offer a high octane fuel without ethanol. It does vary by fuel company, so do your own research.
  2. Use Fuel Stabilizer – If you do buy regular fuel with ethanol, it is highly recommended that you add a fuel stabilizer before you store your machine for the winter. Fuel stabilizer is a chemical additive that you pour into your fuel tank. It’s widely available and you can find it at our Chilliwack retail outlet. Check ratio guidelines carefully to put the correct amount in.
  3. Use Alternative Fuels – We carry Aspen Fuels which are a synthetic derived from wood waste products. These fuels do cost more, however, they perform better than gasoline, never go stale, and typically have less smoke and exhaust fumes. Aspen is available in four-stroke and two-stroke variants.