Chainsaw Maintenance

Chainsaws are inherently high performance machines. As a result, it takes regular maintenance to keep them functioning that way safely.

  1. Keep your chain sharp.It is recommended that you file your chain before each use. Don’t forget to also file the rakers down which gauge how deep of a cut you make. It’s a good idea to also have a replacement chain available in case you hit a rock or other debris. Another key component of optimal chain performance is the oil – make sure your machine has proper chain lubricant oil and is adjusted to the proper flow rate. Without lubrication, your chain will overheat and cease to function well.
  2. Use good quality and fresh fuel.We highly recommend the Aspen two-stroke fuel line as it comes pre-mixed and has other performance benefits. If you choose to mix your own fuels, try to avoid ethanol and use a good quality oil with careful attention to measurements for the correct oil-to-fuel ratio.
  3. Adjustments.For example, chain tension should be kept quite tight. The bar shouldn’t have excessive wear and the sprocket should rotate freely. Some older saws also require mild adjustments to the carburetor to ensure the correct air-to-fuel ratio for optimal performance.
  4. Cleanliness.Saw dust gets everywhere. You want to make sure that the air filter area in particular stays clean and free of debris. Ensure there is no build up around the chain clutch or safety equipment to protect proper and safe operation.